The Adventures of Rothus, page 41 [D-822]

Dwarven caves, Mountains of Iregor:

We all go as a group to check on Aeryn’s progress. Durn is eager to lead us there, which means we don't get lost in the confusing tunnels. We get to the library and find Aeryn is pouring over a huge book. It is unintelligible and lacks pictures. Travis finally lowers his hands from his aching head and stumbles to the ground. See, this is why I don't enter drinking competitions with dwarves! Even if you win, you still lose.

I ask the white-robed librarian for information on bracers. He wanders away and comes back with a large tome full of pictures of bracers. There must be at least a thousand pages, each with a detailed sketching of a bracer. Wow. I suppose if it exists, it will be in this book somewhere! Evan says, "We'll recognize it when we see it," which means if it is one of the bracers in the book, we will know immediately when we flip to it's page. Though, there are an awful lot of pages...

I quickly convince Evan to take over the task of searching the book. Then I begin my own search of the library. Just as I find an interesting alcove, Travis knocks over a bookshelf! Yes, an entire shelf! Of course, that shelf falls onto another one which falls onto a third and next thing I know, half the library is lying on the floor!

The librarian immediately tosses Travis and I out of the library. As we stand there, looking at each other, Evan and Aeryn are tossed out to join us. Lily and Durn follow soon after. Finally, Lotech is sent out. The great doors to the library are then locked behind us. Of course, I'm sure I could unlock them easy enough.

Hmmm.... Where might we find a set of bracers in these tunnels? "Hey, Durn. Is there an armory somewhere down here?" I ask.

"O’ course dere is. Why der ya ask?" he answers.

"I think we should take a look at it. See what's in there," I reply.

"Wont all the armor be too short?" Evan asks.

"Ar’ ya callin’ me short?" accused Durn.

"Hey, if we go to the armory, we could pick out weapons for a duel!" I say, hoping to give Durn a reason to show us the place.

“Tha’s not a bad idea!” he agrees. With that, we go marching off the armory, somewhere in the labyrinth of tunnels. For Evan’s sake I tell Durn how awesome duels to first blood are in comparison to duels to the death. He isn’t totally convinced.

Durn leads us to a huge stone door. In all its grandeur, he doesn’t unlock the portal. He says we need permission from the king. “I’ve never met a king. We would like to meet the king,” I say.

“Well, maybe I ca’ arrange a meetin’ fer ya,” Durn answers. What a great guy! He pulls out a stone with a rune on it and pokes at it for a while. Looks an awful lot like our stones of communication, except that Durn’s is not voice activated, but touch activated. [Durn has the new iStone with a touch pad.]

Soon after, a different dwarf walks up and offers to lead us back to the forges. We follow him hoping that Durn will figure out the meeting with the king in the mean time.

When we get to the forges, there is nothing for us to do. I find the nearest smith and say hello. My interruption caused him to falter a second and he stuck his hammer wrong. Then he takes a breath, looks at me and says, “What can I do fer ya?”

“How long does it usually take to receive an audience with the king?” I inquire.

The dwarf laughs and says, “An audience wit’ you? Ha ha ha.” That’s a bad sign. “Hey, ya owe me a drink, fer messin’ up my work here.”

I find the bartender and give him a gold piece to pay for the one drink. He looks at it. He bites it. He looks at it again. “Free drinks fer evrebody!” he yells. Crap. I didn’t get any change back....

After everyone gets a drink, I go and look for the dwarf who guided us back to the forges. His name is Oric. I ask him about the room that I got trapped in earlier. “Can you help me find a room? It’s 100 feet by 100 feet. I found it somewhere between the library and the forges.”

“Ahhh. Thar’s a lot o’ rooms like that,” Orik says.

“well, some jerk pushed me into this one. Are there any rogue dwarves around here?” I ask.

Oric gives me a worried look. “We don’t speak o’ dem.” Ahhh... bad sign.

“Where did they come from?” I ask, ignoring the fact he just said they don’t speak about them.

“They were banished from the clan after thar leader star’ed a war,” he answers. “No one knows where thar live now.”

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