The Adventures of Rothus, page 46 [D-825]

The mountains of Iregor, outside the cave entrance:

Travis wakes me up, so that I can take the last watch for the night.

As all the others sleep, I hear something in the valley. It’s definitely coming this way. I can’t see what it is. I stand up and level my crossbow. I just can’t make it out. Maybe Travis can see it better. He always had better eyes than me. I wake him up, but he can’t figure out what it is, either. Maybe Lily can use some sort of witchsight, or something.

I wake up Lily and she says, “It’s Kitty!” Oh, that’s Lotech’s cat. It’s out on the hunt. False alarm. But it’s about time to wake up anyway, so I kick awake everyone else and Aeryn takes command of breakfast.

Aeryn tries to get Iregor’s attention hoping for a farewell chat, but the dragon does not appear to be anywhere. If I were a dragon, I’d sleep in late. Who would dare wake up a dragon before they wanted to wake up?

Well, it’s time to turn our back on these mountains and head back to the camp of the Oracle! Then, hopefully, we can be on our way to Tarenvale. I need to talk with Mother as soon as possible.

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