Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the First

The Library is huge, containing thousands of tomes. The white robed dwarf leads Evander, Rothus, Travis, Lilith and Lotech to where Aeryn is poring over an ancient tome. Without anything to occupy his attention Travis stumbles, then falls over. “I’m oookay,” he says with a drunken slur, picking himself up. “Hate it when that happens.”

Rothus approaches the white robed dwarf and asks, “What do you know of magical bracers?” The white robed dwarf rushes off in search of something.

“What’s wrong with you?” Evander asks Travis.

“The room is spinning and it won’t stop,” complains Travis. The white robed dwarf quickly returns with a thick tome. Rothus opens it and begins looking through the pages. Each page contains dwarven text, but also a picture of a bracer. Rothus continues to look through it for about a minute before giving up. He hasn’t even gotten through a fifth of the book. “It's impossible. This book is just to big,” said Rothus.

Evander wanders over and takes a look at the book, skipping to the end and working his way back. It doesn’t work, and the adventurers still haven’t made any progress. Evander begins following Rothus around trying to keep him out of trouble. Whilst Evander and Rothus are exploring the library, they both hear a loud boom, and then another. The booms keep getting closer. Rothus notices that the bookshelves are falling and jumps out of the way. Evander, not having Rothus’ reflexes, gets trapped under a bookshelf.

After lying dazed for a few moments Evander tries to lift the bookcase. He manages enough to squeeze out before he is promptly thrown out of the library by the white robed dwarf. Outside, Evander meets up with Rothus and Travis. Lilith and Aeryn are the next ones thrown out followed finally by Lotech. Travis looks around nervously before running off to a corner to hurl.

“What happened in there?” asks Evander.

“I didn’t do it!” Travis denies a bit too quickly.

“Didn’t do what?” asks Evander.

“Stumble into a bookshelf and knock them all down,” Travis says.

“Riiight,” says Evander not believing the lie.

Durn approaches the group while they were talking about the library fiasco.

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