Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Fifth

“So, is there a room that one can walk into and be transported to a different place only to leave the room and still be in the caves?” asked Rothus.

“Boy, are ye sure tha' you haven’ been ‘O drikin' wit' your friend?” asked Durn.

“You know, you could have stumbled into the aether and seen visions of Tarenvale,” said Lilith using her arcane knowledge.

“So is the king happy to finally meet with us?” asked Rothus.

The only response was Durn’s laughter.

“Say, since we destroyed your library, why are you treating us to food. Did you poison it?” asks Lotech.

“And that once the king has gotten a confession out of us he will give us the antidote,” said Lilith.

“I think the antidote would be a mushroom since they grow well underground,” said Aeryn. Lotech starts eating mushrooms.

“But some mushrooms are poisonous themselves,” said Aeryn. Lotech stops the fork in front of her mouth with a mushroom on it. During this, Durn gets up and leaves. A random dwarf approaches our table.

“Oui lad, ye be the one who destroyed our library?” asks the dwarf looking at Travis.

“Yes, but he was drunk, like any dwarf would be,” said Evander.

“Ah well I suppose dwarven ale affects non-dwarves more strongly,” he said before walking away.

Durn returns a few minutes later. “Where did you go?” asks Rothus.

“Not your business,” said Durn.

“Anything we should know before going to meet the king?” asked Rothus.

“Aye, take a bath. Follow,” said Durn as the group followed him.

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