Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Second

“Alright, which ‘oun oh you laddies whent and ‘nock down all tha books?” asked Durn stearnly.

“Wasn’t me I, swear. I have never been in the library, honest,” said Travis trying to deny what he did.

“Do you kno' how much trouble you be in?” asked Durn. “Mor trouble than a Dwarf without ale,” he says before Travis has a chance to speak.

“Hey, did it in one of the most time honored traditions; he’s drunk,” said Evander trying to defend Travis.

“Ah, tha be makin' sense,” said Durn.

“Durn, you wouldn’t be able to help us find a bracer would you?” asked Evander.

“Tha depends on wha kind ‘O bracer you be searchin' for,” said Durn.

“Well, it’s a bracer. It may or may not have spikes. The spikes might be the same length or some might be shorter th…” said Evander trying to describe the mysterious bracer.

“Who ye be calling short!” demanded Durn.

“No one I was just…” said Evander.

“Those be fightin' words, pink skin,” said Durn.

“Say, if where going to duel we need to go to the armory to get weapons don’t we?” asked Rothus hopefully.

“Aye, that’s right,” said Durn.

“So, what kind of duels do you like?” asked Rothus.

“To the death, tha way both competitors fight the hardest,” said Durn.

“Huh, I like first blood since that way both competitors can go train and get better,” said Rothus.

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