Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Fourth

“Yes, there were a group of dwarves who didn’t like the clan leader of many generations ago. They started a war hoping to take power but were defeated and exiled. No one is sure where they are, however, it is possible they're living in the caves down here,” said Oric leading them to the forges before quietly departing without a word.

The adventurers waited around for a while before asking a dwarf how long it would take to get a meeting with the king. They were told days. So our adventurers settled in to wait. Everyone, with the exception of Rothus and Evander, helped to repair the library. Rothus didn’t help because it was work, and Evander didn’t want to get in the way. It was noon of the second day when Durn returned to the forges to gather up the adventurers. He brought them to one of the taverns for a meal which were now charging to pay for repairs to the library.

Durn remained silent, waiting to see if one of the pink skins would speak. Lotech stands up and begins to speak. “Could I have everyone’s attention. This person here has something very important she would like to ask you,” she said.

Aeryn stands up. “If any of you have a bracer on could you please stand up, we are looking for a bracer but we don’t know what it looks like,” said Aeryn. ALL the dwarves in the tavern stand up.

“Girl, we all have bracers on,” said Durn.

“Okay, but how many more dwarves can there be with bracers?” asked Aeryn. Evander tactically face palms.

“Girl, all dwarves that live here have bracers, all of ‘em,” said Durn.

“Okay, so could we line them up and look at the bracers?” asked Aeryn sitting down trying to think up ideas.

“No,” said Durn shortly. “King Horthgar will meet with ya in two hours,” he continued.

“How far away is it?” asked Rothus.

“It’s about a half hour walk from here,” said Durn.

“Not my fault, not my fault, not my fault…” Travis keeps muttering.

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