Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Seventh

Travis steps forward. “It was I, your majesty. I take full responsibility, for I was just trying to enjoy the finer wines--”

“Ale,” Evander interrupts.

“...Ale of life,” said Travis.

“Hmph, we shall speak later, now what do you need the bracers for?” asks the king.

“We are on a quest for Joachim who was told by an oracle to retrieve the bracers, to help the humans find the six elemental stones to repel a great evil,” said Lilith.

“How do the dwarves benefit from this?” asks the king.

Okay Evander, if you don’t speak you can’t mess up Lily’s lie, Evander thought to himself.

“We all live in the same world, and though we are different people, we all have to live here. The Evil will not stop with the humans, it will also consume the dwarves,” said Lilith.

“That being the case, what do each of you think is a fair trade for the bracers?” asked the king.

“three gold,” said Lotech immediately.

I don’t think she understands money or trade, thought Evander.

“I will trade my services for them,” said Aeryn.

“How about my elven curve blade?” asked Travis.

, was Evander’s thought on that one.

“And what of you?” asks the king looking directly at Evander. Since he is not sure yet what would be a fair trade, Evander continues to think instead of speaking aloud.

“Evander could make you some new bracers, he is the son of a smith,” said Lilith.

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