Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Sixth

They arrive at a public bath and clean themselves up. While they're cleaning themselves their clothes are taken to be mended and washed. After washing, it’s almost time for the meeting so Durn leads them to the throne room. The hallway leading up to the throne is lined with one hundred foot high statues of dwarven heroes. At the end is a grand double door made of stone and embossed with gold and rare gems.

The doors begin to swing open and for a moment everyone is blinded by the light coming from the throne room. There are 5 pillars each one hundred feet high, alternating gold, cooper and silver on each side. In between each pillar is a dwarf in ornate silver armor crossing pole arms to block our path. Durn walks forward and they follow. As we approach, each guard uncrosses their pole arms. While we are walking Lotech turns around and runs back to the entrance and then back to the group to see what the guards will do. Nothing.

As they approach king Horthgar, their amulets begin to glow and each one recognizes the bracers the king is wearing. At the bottom of the stairs leading to the throne, Durn takes out his battle axe and rests the head on the ground while he kneels. Evander imitates Durn with his short sword, as do Rothus and Aeryn with daggers. Lotech eventually follows suit. Travis bows his head while Lilith looks around confused and just stands there. Durn nudges Lilith. “Kneel or bow girl, do something to show yer respect,” he growls.

“Why?” asks Lilith.

“I will explain later girl, just do it now,” said Durn.

“King Horthgar, can we borrow your bracers for a little bit?” asked Lotech.

Did she just ask that? Evander wonders to himself going motionless.

“Did you just ask that?” Durn says aloud in disbelief.

“I said… racing stones,” Lotech says unconvincingly.

Finally the king speaks in a booming voice that captures everyone’s attention. “I understand that you have come here looking for bracers,” said Horthgar.

“Aye,” said Aeryn.

“Don’t insult me,” the king quickly snaps. “I have a question for each of you. Who was it?” said the king.

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