Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Third

With that, the Tarenvale Travelers followed Durn to the armory. A massive double door wide enough to fit twelve dwarves abreast and half as high stood in front of the adventurers. The door was embossed with what was supposedly a famous battle in the clans history.

“What kind of wood is that?” asked Travis.

“You sure you're alright lad?” asked Durn.

“Don’t bother with him, he’s fine. Instead, open the doors,” said Rothus.

“No,” said Durn simply.

“But, you're allowed in right?” asked Rothus.

“Aye,” said Durn.

“And we can enter as your guests right?”

“No, outsiders be needin' tha king's permission to enter,” said Durn.

“Well then, lets meet the king,” said Rothus as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“If you want to meet the king tha' badly I’ll see wha' I can do,” said Durn. Reaching in to his pocket, he retrieves a stone that looks similar to the communication stones. After pressing a few runes he puts it back into his pocket. “Listen up. Here's the plan. I’m going to see if the king is willen' to meet with the lot of ya. In da meen time, wait for me in da forges. Another dwarf will be here shortly to lead you back,” said Durn before walking off to talk with the king.

A few moments later, a new dwarf shows up. “Can you lead us back to the forges?” asked Rothus.

“Yes, now follow,” said the new dwarf.

“What’s your name?” asked Rothus.

“I’m Oric,” said the Dwarf beginning to walk down the twisting turning tunnels.

“Do you know of any dwarves that would play a trick on one of us if they were by themselves?” asked Rothus.

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