Evander Smith – Meeting with a Dwarven King Part the Last

“Is that true?” asked the king.

“Yes your majesty,” said Evander.

“Then I task you with this: make me a weapon that I could use in battle, and I shall give you the bracers,” said the king.

“I do not understand, you have many fine smiths and weapons already,” said Evander.

“Yes, but I wish to learn if the humans have improved the art of the forge since we last saw them,” said the king.

“Then I accept your challenge,” said Evander.

The king snapped his fingers and a dwarf approached the king. After a quick whispered conversation the king speaks. “My servant will show you to the forge and explain what you are to do,” said the king. Evander rose and followed the dwarf to see what challenge the king had set before him.

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