Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the Fifth

“Follow me,” said Oric leading them to the cave.

“Thanks,” said Evander walking into the cave. He returned a few minutes latter with his back pack. It had a few more holes in it but was still functional.

“I guess this is good bye,” said Lilith looking at Oric.

“Aye, guess it is,” said Oric.

“Will we ever see you again?” asked Aeryn.

“Only if you come to visit. We dwarves don’t get out much since we have all we need in the tunnels,” he said.

“Bye Oric,” said the travelers.

“Bye, take care,” said Oric before heading back down into the caves.

“That was exhausting,” said Rothus.

“Lets set up camp and head out during the day,” said Evander. The travelers made camp and set up watches and proceeded to sleep. Evander is kicked awake by Rothus.

“Wha?” asked Evan sleepily.

“You missed it, I saw movement in the grass, and I thought it was a monster so I woke up Travis to see if he could see it or if I was imagining it. Then we woke up Lily and that’s when the monster attacked, but I managed to fight it off. I think it was a lion or tiger or something,” said Rothus.

“You mean kitty?” asked Lilith.

“Shhh, Evan doesn’t know that,” said Rothus.

“You attacked kitty?” asked Evander.

“Hey, that animal is vicious,” said Rothus.

“Alright, I’ll be out in a bit,” said Evander kicking Rothus out of his tent.

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