Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the First

The Dwarf led Evander down twisting turning tunnels to a room. “These tunnels make no sense,” said Evander aloud.

“Aye, it’s to confuse invaders,” said the Dwarf. “Here we are lad, you are not to leave this room 'til you 'ave completed this,” the dwarf said handing Evander a sheet of parchment. On the parchment were instruction on how to create a battle axe of dwarven design. Though it was hard to read, at least it was written in common. Evander nodded understanding and entered the room. Inside was a forge and the raw materials needed to make the axe.

The door shut behind Evander who turned and looked at it. Taking a deep breath Evander set to work. Hour by hour, day by day Evander worked pounding the metal bars into a worthy axe. Food would appear mysteriously and empty dishes would disappear. During this time no one visited Evander, not even his friends. With nothing but the forge and a small cot in the room there was nothing for Evander to really do but work.

Finally, after working for uncounted days Evander emerged from the room bearing the axe he had forged. “The king will want to see you lad, but first let’s be gettin' you cleaned up,” said a dwarf who had been standing by the door when Evander emerged. Evander was covered head to toe in soot and damp with sweat. The dwarf began walking and so Evander followed once again to the shower room. When he emerged his clothes were washed. Once he had dressed, Durn approached Evander.

“Alright lad, time to be a showin' da king wut ye got,” said Durn. Evander just nodded, too nervous to speak, and went to the king. Evander goes through the throne room, and the same procession as the first time. When Evander gets to the feet of the throne he kneels with the axe head resting on the floor and his hands upon the haft. A short while later Evander’s friends arrive.

“Wow Evan, how did you craft that in just a few hours, your dad usually takes weeks to craft,” said Lilith.

So taken aback by this statement Evander begins speaking without thinking about where he is. “What do you mean a few hours, it’s been two weeks,” said Evander.

“Wow Evan, when did you get to be such a good liar? Though, I would have said that it took minutes instead of weeks,” said Rothus sounding impressed.

“I’m not lying, you're missing two weeks of your lives,” said Evander.

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