Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the Fourth

“You know there is one way to figure out who has the right time,” said Evander.

“Oh?” asked Rothus.

“We could check the library and see how much of it has been fixed,” said Evander.

“Great, lets get a dwarf to take us there,” said Rothus. Aeryn, spotting the white robed dwarf, waves him down.

“Could you take us to the library one last time?” asked Aeryn. The dwarf nods and the travelers begin to follow. The dwarf turns around and points at Rothus and Travis motioning them to stay here.

“Fine, I thought those books where boring anyway,” said Rothus.

“Yeah, the cool kids will stay here,” said Travis as Aeryn, Lilith and Evander went to the library. When the doors opened the trio could see that it was still a mess, if two weeks had passed it would be almost functional. However, it was much as it had been the past few days.

“Huh, guess you guys were telling the truth,” said Evander. The dwarf went inside and promptly returned with a book giving it to Aeryn.

“You know I’m leaving right?” she asked. The dwarf nodded.

“Thank you,” said Aeryn looking at the book. It was the codex. The dwarf then lead them back to the banquet hall to meet up with Rothus and Travis.

“Good news, you aren’t missing any time,” said Evander.

“So, does this mean you're like two weeks older know?” asked Lilith. Evander just shrugged his shoulders.

“Alright lads and lasses, time to go,” came the familiar voice of Oric. “Everyone ready?” he asked. They nodded there heads. “Then we be off,” he said. The travelers followed Oric through the winding twisting tunnels until they came to an opening. Over head the stars shown brightly and the moon was hanging in the sky.

“Hey where is the entrance we entered from?” asked Evander.

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