Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the Last

“Yeah,” said Evander. They walked around camp, most people were too shocked to speak and those that did just said “Dalton…”

“Let’s check out his tent,” suggested Evander. Dalton’s tent was one of the few still standing. It seemed that the people were to afraid to approach it, Travis and Evander easily got in. They searched through his belongings but found nothing of note.

“Here, you should have this,” said Travis handing over Dalton’s sword. “You’ll probably get more use out of it than I will.”

“Thanks,” said Evander taking a sheet and wrapping up the blade. Evander left to set up his tent and stored his belongings. After that Evander volunteered to help the healers. He continued to work until his body began to feel like lead and he retired to a nightmare filled sleep.

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