Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the Second

“Just how long were we in that room?” asked Aeryn.

“Aye, the room you went into was created to turn hours into weeks,” said king Horthgar chuckling.

“What would you need a room that did that for?” asked Aeryn.

“To make weapons to fight enemies of the dwarves,” said the king.

“Like goblins?” inquired Aeryn.

“Dwarves don’t fight puny goblins, we fight Orcs, Ogres and Ogreas,” said the King.

“Now gimmy tha' axe,” said the king, taking the axe from Evander’s hands. “Durn. Front and center.” Durn comes within two paces of the king, drawing his axe, then both fall into a fighting stance.

“Duel in the throne room,” calls a dwarf and in moments many dwarfs begin to pour in to watch the fight.

“I got three gold on Durn!” 

“Bah, Durn can’t tell wich way to hold a mug I put five on the king!” The cheer of the crowd prevent Evander from making out anymore words. Quickly retreating, to not get caught between Durn and the king, Evander joins his friends.

After staring at each other for a few moments they burst in to motion, swinging the axe with out reserve. As they clash sparks fly and the clang of metal penetrates the cheers and jeers of the crowd. “Is this normal?” Aeryn asks loudly to get her voice heard over the crowd.

“Aye,” replies a dwarf.

“What happens if Evan’s axe breaks?” asks Lilith.

“What was the deal again?” questions a dwarf.

“We don’t get the bracers,” replies Travis.

“That,” said the dwarf.

“I put two gold on the king,” said Rothus.

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