Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the Eighth

They continued to watch the fight. Aeryn squints as if trying to see something in the distance.

“Did you know there is a shadow watching you guys?” called Aeryn to Roran and Dalton.

Of course there are shadows watching. There are shadows…Evander didn’t get to complete that thought. A being of pure shadow emerged from a shadow.

This ends now,” said the shadow in a harsh voice that sent a chill down Evander’s spine. The shadow extends his hand and a rippling bolt of force shoots forth slamming into Roran sending him flying. He lands five feet from the group. Roran stops moving and Aeryn rushes to check on him.

Dalton stumbles to the shadow, “I have it my master,” and takes out an orb that seems to be made of fire. The shadow accepts the orb. “You have served your purpose,” said the shadow. Dalton bursts into flames. He doesn’t even have a chance to scream as he is turned to ash, only his sword surviving the intense flames.

Travis and Lilith run up to Dalton’s remains. Lilith takes out a pouch and, using magic, secures his ashes whilst Travis claims the sword. After getting the ashes Lilith wanders back into the woods.

“We have to get him back to camp,” said Aeryn tending as best she could to Roran's wounds.

“Here, use my tent,” said Evander. Between them they make it into a makeshift litter. Travis and Rothus carried Roran back to camp while Evander goes on ahead to make sure it is safe. When Evander gets back to camp it is in ruins. Most noticeably Joachim’s tent and the Oracle’s wagon are just gone. Many tents have met with similar fates. All around camp there are dead bodies, horribly burned, people walk about in shock. The only ones moving with a purpose are the healers.

It seems that the number of the dead out number the living. Evander waits for the others and escorts them to Roran’s tent. Aeryn is quickly snatched up and tasked with helping the injured. “I’m going to patrol the area,” said Rothus heading out.

“Hey, let’s see if we can find out what happened here,” said Travis.

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