Evander Smith – Déjà vu Part the Third

“Fine, I put two on Durn,” said Travis.

The king and Durn fight, both master axe fighters. Evander tried to watch but there moves were fast and flowed like water making it impossible for him to catch every axe stroke. The king and Durn continued to fight for several minutes until Durn made the smallest mistake. The king saw his chance and with a powerful downward swing aimed to split Durn's head open, however Durn twisted to the side, the blade missing him by inches, and brought up his axe to the king's throat.

The two dwarves stood still for several seconds and the crowd erupted in cheers.

“Just watch, the king will turn this around,” said Rothus completely confident.

“All right Durn, this match goes to you,” said the king, the crowd erupting in cheers.

“Pay up pal,” said Travis.

Durn lowered the axe from the king's throat and took a step back.

“Couldn’t Durn have killed him and become king?” asked Lilith.

“Doesn’t work like that lass,” said a dwarf.

“A deals a deal,” said Horthgar removing the bracers. “You have earned these,” he said tossing the bracers to Evander.

“Thank you your majesty,” said Evander bowing. Not wanting to lose the bracers, Evander put them on for safe keeping.

“Now is there anything else you need?” asked the king.

“No, it is time for us to go,” said Rothus.

“Well in that case, a feast for our guests, to see them off with ale in their stomachs and songs in their hearts!” called Horthgar.

“Aye!” replied the crowd. The feast was meat of all sorts, and mead, ale, beer, and countless other spirits. After the feast the travelers pack up and prepare to leave.

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