Rothus' Wooden Dice

Rothus has made some dice in the game, and I have put markings on some dice of my own. I bought some blank wooden dice and used a wood-burner to mark them.

I was playing around with different pips. Standard dice have a dot for each pip. I thought maybe a pip could be represented by a line, all six forming a coherent design. One die makes a swirl and the other makes a star. I wanted them to be simple enough they could be read quickly.

I also thought that pips could be represented by intersections of lines. The two dice on the right-hand side have a fixed number of lines (6 and 4 respectively) but have a changing number of intersections between those lines. 

I also played with the idea of using arrows to indicate mathematical relationships between the sides forcing the players to do some peculiar calculations after rolling the dice, but I figured that there was nothing intuitive about it. If someone were to stumble upon such a die, it would be incoherent.

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