The Adventures of Rothus, page 48 [D-829]

Camp of the Oracle, after the attack:

I guess it’s not really the camp of the Oracle anymore. I don’t have another name for it, though. It’s like Evan says, if we start to think of a place as home the Gods will see fit to destroy it. We assume that Joachim is dead. We found the bodies of Pippin and Judeau where they fought valiantly. Florm was nearby. Fost did survive, but injured. The coven that trained Lily is down to a single member. Roran himself is in a near-death state. He breathes, but that is about all that he does.

There are too many dead to bury. Some wanted to anyway and I can’t blame them for that, but there are just too many. Work teams have been assembled to give each of the dead their due and then burn the corpses outside the camp. The smell returns to the tents anyway. The ashes and smoke rise up toward the Gods where the wind catches them. I wish I had paid more attention when the Sister Daily explained what happened to the dead. I can’t remember what Erastil says to them when they meet him. I can’t remember any of it.

We are all exhausted. Physically and mentally worn out. Lily seems to have energy, though. It is a duty-bound energy, from the desire to see Dalton’s ashes back in Tarenvale and buried as is proper. Even though his final act was traitorous, the majority of his life was honest and inspiring. “I’m going to Tarenvale to bury Dalton’s ashes. If you want to come with you can, but I’m leaving soon,” Lily tells the group.

“We’re not done with the funerals, we still need to sort out the remaining tents and supplies. We don’t even know what’s going to be the future of this camp. We’ll go to Tarenvale, just be patient,” Evan says.

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