The Adventures of Rothus, Page 49 [D-830]


Lilith wants to find the Oracle and Joachim, but there is no sign of them anywhere in the camp. She takes Maud around like a hound, sniffing every surface and thing. The little fox gets real excited and runs off into the woods with Lily chasing after. If something fun exciting is happening, I definitely want to be there, so I follow Lily and Aeryn is on her feet too. After a short distance, we find a strange boy! He says his name is Alaric, but its probably a fake name. Dalton only just betrayed the camp, I'm not sure if could have done it by himself and suddenly Alaric is here in the woods hiding? Doesn't sound like a coincidence to me. We take his bow and arrows, then tie him up. Lily says he's cute, but I think he looks like an ugly murderer. He warns us that he is not alone and that we must keep an eye out for his two friends!

Maud is not at all interested in Alaric, and keeps sniffing away deeper into the woods. We are all on the hunt again, but now we have a prisoner. Maud leads us eventually to a clearing and stops. Lily says the scent just ended. Seems to me that's what happens when you wait too long to track something, but Lily and Evander are convinced Joachim and the Oracle went through a magic door or something. I don't see any magic door, and don't know how there could have been one, but what do I know.

As my stomach starts grumbling, we turn around and follow Maud back to what's left of the camp. Fortunately, our food stores were still reasonably untouched. We prepared a quick dinner and gobbled it up before turning in for the night. 

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