Adventures of Rothus, page 51 [D-833]

On the Road to Tentia:

We have Roran on a cart being pulled by a donkey that Lily summoned up. She says it was magic, but I suspect she just went out and lured the beast with some food. I mean, Garrett had a donkey so they can't be too hard to find. The group is stuck going as slow as the cart and as slow as Evan in his armor, so I decide to zoom circles around them to keep an eye on our perimeter. With my skills, there's no chance I'll be seen or heard by an attacker, so I'm not worried about leaving the group.

Up ahead I see a man dressed in greens and browns crouching in the brush. I let the others know in case we are attacked. Then the man in green stands up and approaches, yelling "Greetings!" Well, I guess he's not going to ambush us then. His name is Elwyn Ransom, Ork hunter and guardian of the woods. Apparently, he just lives out here away from the towns and keeps the roads and forests safe for good folks like ourselves. Which explains why we haven't run into any orks or goblins on our journey. Elwyn agrees to walk with us a while as we continue to Tensia.

Our guide leads us to a large rock face with a split down the middle. It makes the perfect windbreak for a fire pit and the ground is level for our bedrolls. We decide to make camp and get some food cooking. Garrett and Lily try to light the fire with a flick of the wrist, which obviously doesn't work. You can't just wish a spark into existence, so Evan shows them how to do it with flint and steel. Garrett and Lily are really frustrated that Evan had to do it, and keep waving their hands hoping to create a flame. The argue back and forth, something about "magic is failing" or whatever. Personally, I've never put much stock in magic. I'd rather trust in what I can see and feel. Next thing I know they are flinging all kinds of spells all over camp yelling, "That worked, that worked!" But no fire spells for whatever reason.

Seeing as there were three new additions to our little band, I decide to let them in on a little 'secret', "Ya know, I was once a powerful wizard. Yup, but I had to give up all my powers to save the life of my beloved."

"You're a kid, how long ago did this happen??"

"Oh, well, I once was an adult, but when I gave up my powers my age reverted back to an age before I was a wizard. That's why I am a kid now. And most of my memories were lost, too. So I can't teach you anything about it." I explain.

Evan, Aeryn and Lily give me a look like I had just grown ten stories tall. The others look appraisingly, weighing the pros and cons of believing my story. I think I hooked them. I'll have to see if  I can use this to my advantage...

We all settle into our bedrolls and fall asleep. In the morning it is a half day's walk to Tensia. As we approach the gate, two guards approach and insist on seeing what is in our cart. We show them Roran lying there. "Can you please direct us to a place where we might find a healer?"

"He will be healed in the Castle." they order, as they swiftly collect up Roran and move him into the guardhouse.

"Wait! Bring him back! where are you taking him?" Lily shouts.

One guard comes back to us, "This man is under the protection of the Queen. We will bring you to an Inn where you can stay until he is well."

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