Lilith's Journal: 2 days after the battle in the Gypsy camp.

Where to begin...

Our guardian and protector Dalton- the Magus who saved us from the massacre at Tarenale is dead. All that remains of him is a pouch of ashes and his masterwork blade. Roran,- Dalton's friend, and fellow Magus- lies unconscious and unresponsive despite the camp healers's and Aeryn's best efforts to rouse him.

The gypsy camp leaders- Joachim and the Oracle- are missing, and presumed captured. Their tent and wagon burned to ash. The camp is in disarray- so many innocent's were trampled when the Magus did battle.

A dark figure was also seen in the camp, but no one knows who he was, or why he was there. Everyone says he was Dalton's master, and that Dalton betrayed Roran and gave his soul to the shadow before he was struck down. I was there, I know what I saw- the shifting gem was a infernal dance of colors, shifting from red, orange, yellow and back to red. The dark shadow figure laughed with an echo in his voice- more otherworldly then mortal. He hit Dalton with tendrils of shadow and death. Dalton turned to ash in seconds, and was gone.

Even Evander and Rothus think that Dalton betrayed us, but they forget all that he did for us. I know he cared deeply for us all. He risked his life for us countless times, he was a hero of the Great War! Dalton loved Tarenvale. He was like the father I never had, and he would never betray me. It isn't true! There had to be a reason for what he did! I just wish he had told me what it was before the shadow took his life...

Ma'ud, my animal companion and loyal Kitsune' was able to track the camp leaders scent about a thousand paces into the woods before the trail went cold. Most likely due to powerful travel magics such as a teleport spell or a dimension door. We did however, meet a charming young man in the woods by the name of Alaric. He said he was traveling with friends, and got separated, but we found no trace of anyone else in the woods. He says he knew nothing of Joachim, the Oracle or the shadowy figure. I believed him, but the boys didn't right at first. They tied him up and drug him back to camp.

It eventually became obvious that Alaric was telling the truth. To the best of our knowledge he really had nothing to do with the attack, or the disappearance of the the camp leaders. Eventually he is set free, and for whatever reason, decided to stick around with us despite the rough first encounter.

We did what we could to help put the Oracle's camp back together. Of course with the Oracle gone, it really isn't much of a "Oracle's Camp" anymore, but some things are hard to let go.

Travis, Raven, and Tyler went their separate ways after the massacre in camp. I was sorry to see them go, not that I blame anyone for leaving after all that happened.

Aeryinthia, Evander, Rothus, Ma'ud, Alaric, and I were put in charge of bringing Roran to a healer in Tentia- one of the bigger cities in the realm, and our capitol. It was the hope that with a proper healer, and medicine, there was a good chance we could wake Roran up, and learn about what happened.

We started to prepare for the long trip.

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