The Adventures of Rothus, Page 50 [D-831]

Camp of the Oracle:

We have decided to keep a very close eye on Alaric, as he still might have helped Dalton during the attack, but it has become too complicated to keep him tied up. None of us want to spoon feed him or deal with the other end. Honestly, he doesn't look that scary and he didn't even bring a real melee weapon. His bow wont be enough if he decides to attack us!

We need to bring Roran to someone who can heal him and there isn't anyone skilled enough in the camp. Tensia is a big city, there will definitely be someone there who can do it, and hopefully they will do it for free. We wont be able to scrounge up enough gold to pay for this kind of thing. I mean how often does a person fall into a coma from a fireball launched by a shadow? Aeryn doesn't even know what is wrong, which means it's going to be expensive.

As we are discussing it, Ma'ud starts acting weird. Lily says Ma'ud smells someone approaching, so I jump into the brush and prepare for a fight. The guy is easy to spot, as he rides a donkey and is dressed for attention. He looks like a bard or something, with that outfit. At first, everyone is pretty on edge, but the guy shows us a letter written by the Oracle! The guy is Garrett Miner and he is supposed to go to the camp of the Oracle and meet us. We tell him what happened to the camp and how we are going to Tensia. Garrett was just in Tensia and he is on his way to the camp of the Oracle. As professional adventurers, we consider the possibility that Garrett is a friend of Alaric's, since supposedly there are two such folks somewhere around, but Garrett and Alaric agree that they have never met. That's good enough for me.

Lilith scares away the donkey talking to it, even though I calmly pointed out that a donkey would be very useful for heavy labor and such, labor that we might have to do ourselves. Evan says that the donkey could carry gear, or Roran when we go to Tensia, and that made Lily see reason. She chased after the donkey and tried to lead it back. We all followed and Evander decided to tackle it! They are pretty evenly matched, actually. I would take bets, but I know my companions are too poor to bet. Evan wrestles the beast to the ground and it neighs in protest. I run over and remove its feed bag to try and tempt it with food. Then, out of nowhere a mass of hair engulfs the donkey!


Something horrible has possessed her and is controlling her hair! This is bad. This is bad. This is bad. I run into the trees and hide. Lily lifts the donkey off the ground with just her hair, then carries it back to camp. The rest of our group follows her in awe. There's no way I am coming out if hiding yet, so I stalk them from the shadows. Once Lily's hair returns to normal, I let my guard down and come out into the open. It seems whatever horror took over has left her and she is back to her regular self.

It's time to sleep, so we set up bedrolls and try to get some rest. I don't know how I am going to avoid nightmares of hair fiends. Maybe I will stay up all night instead...

In the morning, the donkey is missing. In its place is pile of freshly cooked meat! Man, if I knew donkey tasted this good, I would have never considered wasting it on labor. And here it turns out that Lily can cast a spell that summons a beast to carry stuff anyway! We hook it up to a small cart and lay Roran on it. He still looks bad. I'm not sure he's going to recover, but I wont say it out loud.

James says the church of Sarenrae will help us. He also helps us pick out rations for the trip, stuff that's easy to prepare on the road. We head off while the sun is still low in the sky.

Everyone is optimistic, now that we have a plan of action. We ask Garrett all about the world beyond, since we have spend so many months in the camp. He tells us Tarenvale is still there! The night we left, Dalton rallied the townspeople against the orcs and won the day! They rebuilt after the orc attack and now they are bigger than when we lived there! And our families are all doing well too! Now we need to go home to see them. Ma and Pa must be so worried about me, I have to let them know we are ok. Maybe I can send a letter when we get to Tensia.

Alaric is getting pretty cocky now that we decided not to kill him. He challenges me to a duel of stealthing, so we run off into the bush. He's okay, but I can move twice his speed and still not be seen. It's the difference between a professional and an amateur. (I am the professional, of course). 

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