Adventures of Rothus page 55

We decided to go back to the castle and talk with the guards. We ask them if we can see the queen or see the books she took from the library. They recognize lily and deny our request. They do agree to forward a message of the same, with the posibility of a scribe copying the books. We don't trust them to do it, though.
Evander writes up a letter and we sign it, asking for an audience with Evangeline. Evan then delivers it to the guards. 
Lily plots to sneak into the castle and sets a stool in the town square. She watches servants walk in and out looking for someone she can use as a disguise. We take shifts to watch lily and make sure she doesn't do anything stupid. Right before I start my shift Evangeline with two guards comes into the inn under cloaks. They ask to talk with evan and the rest of us. Evangeline says she got the letter and wants to know why the books are so important. We try and explain, then decide to get lily. Evangeline sends cole the guard to get her and when they find maud, lily is disguised as a servant. We call lily on the sending stone and hear a voice we dont recognize. Lily must have been kidnapped!!
Maud gives her away and the guard grapples her then drags her back to the inn. Lily activates her daemon hair and fights back in the common room. We find them fighting as the inn guests are moving away. At first glance it appears this man kidnapped lily! I draw my dagger, but evan points out the man is Evangelines guard.
I see a Citrine stone on Evangeline's hip, attached to a hilt. I ask about it and she admits that she was once known as Nemien, the guardian of the wind. Dalton protected fire and roran protected water. She asked for daltons ruby, but unfortunately it is not the magical stone, just a mundane ruby.
Evangeline and lily talk about magic, determining that Cendarian has the shadow and fire stone, which is why lily cant cast fire or shadow stones. Wind magic is weak, which means Evangeline is weak too. She is over 300 years old! Only the magic sustains her. The guardians gain power when they are at their seat of power. The ruins by tarenvale are rorans seat of power. Evangelines seat is in the distant land of calderan. Pearl is light. Amythist is time. Emerald is earth. We must bring roran to the ruins.
Roran is about 700 years old, dalton was over 3000 years old.
Evangeline stole her gem and was trained by dalton on how to use it.

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