Lilith's Journal: The Journey to Tentia.

We started out on the road to Tentia. We had supplies and a wagon given to us. With some magic, I was able to summon a mule to carry us. The donkey we were going to use was very uncooperative, so I carried him back to camp with my hair and left him. Evander and Rothus seemed wierded out by the spell. I tried to explain it was just hair, but Rothus ran off and disappeared for a very long time. I am sure Evander was just jealous that I could pick a whole donkey up by myself without his help. The donkey was gone the next day. I knew the camp was destitute, but desperate enough to eat a donkey? How horrible! Roran was loaded up and we were underway. A new companion was with us as well. His name was Garret. He was a VERY handsome, charming young sorcerer.

Garret had been sent from Newport by the Oracle long before the attack on the camp. He had an official writ from her, and news of Tarenvale. He knew nothing of the attack on the camp, but did inform us that the village of Tarenvale was now the City of Tarenvale! A lot had changed since our terrifying flight two years previous. Most of the town had rallied to push back the orc army. Other surrounding villages such as Denton, Kerfal, and Rynal had since joined the Tarenvale community.

We inquired about the residents of Tarenvale, including my mother Glenda who had moved closer to town. Much had remained the same, yet enough had changed that I would like to return. It was reasonable to assume it was safe to return since the orcs were gone. When Roran was better, I would make it a point to visit my old home. It had been far too long since I had seen my mother. I know the others felt the same way.

While traveling on the old highway, we met another young man at the edge of the woods. At first we though he might be a bandit. He was dirty, in stained leathers, with a wild growths of hair. He said his name was Elwyn. He was a hunter of goblinoids, and said he could guide through less dangerous backroads leading to Tentia. We had heard of random attacks by orcs and goblins, though we had not experienced any, but with Roran in a weakened state, we did not wish to. I accepted his help begrudgingly. He had a foul odor to him, and looked very much like a vagabond, but he did know ideal camping spots, plentiful hunting grounds, and he did lead us safely through the terrain in record time without a single goblin attack. I decided, that with a proper bath, he might be tolerable company, but he would really need to learn some proper hygiene before I would be caught socializing with him!

With the days of hard traveling ahead of us, conversation was plentiful between Garret and I. There was a special connection I felt with him. and I really felt warm and fuzzy being near him We had much in common. We were both magic users, both spoke Draconic, and both loved the arcane arts. We became fast friends on out journey, and talked much about our training and upbringing. Garret came from a well to do family outside Tarenvale. He had learned magic about the same time as myself, and had a history book with him about the ancient ways. Apparently it was a family heirloom that he had copied himself. He asked me about my family. I told him about Glenda, and Tarenvale, my friends, and enemies. When the subject of my father came up, I was pretty embarrassed to talk about it. Still I felt a connection to him, and begrudgingly opened up about my druid father Sindarin that I had never met.

His reaction was not what I expected. He furrowed his brow, and told me he recognized that name from his history books, but that name was one of the oldest, most powerful of the Magi, not a druid. I laughed, surely it was not the same Sindarin! After all his history book went back thousands of years. The possibility of someone living that long- even for an elf, was preposterous! He promised that once we got into town, he would let me read his books. Until then we found other things to talk about.

The road was hard on my magic too. An odd side effect of fire magic was that it could not be willed into existence. Normally I lit campfires with my spark spell. But for some reason the magic no longer worked on the road. Even Garett tried (thank the spirits I wasn't the only one that could not preform, or that might have been very embarrassing). Evander and Rothus said I was being "loony Lilly" 'cause fires couldn't just be willed into existence. I wanted to light their pants on fire to prove them wrong, but fire magic was charging up, but not manifesting, and they would not sit still long enough for me to try anything else. When Rothus told us a story of how he had once been a powerful mage himself that gave up magic for his true love, I laughed, and called him a "ridiculous Rothus". Sadly, Garret, Alaric, and Elwyn actually though he was being serious!

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