Lillith's Journal: The City of Tentia. Day 1:

We arrived in Tentia a few days later unmolested thanks to Elwyn Ransom. I didn't even have a chance to properly thank him before he disappeared into the forest as suddenly as he had appeared a few days previous.

I had heard rumors of the capital cities majesty, but could never have imagined the sheer size, and color, and vibrancy of the place by reading about it in books. We were challenged at the gate by guards wearing the orange and golden tabards of the Queen. When they asked us our business we explained that our friend Roran was very sick and in need of a healer. Things got weird. The guards seized control of our horse and wagon. I tried to protest, but before I knew it we were escorted to an Inn called the Prancing Pony. The guards told us Master Roran would be well taken care of. Did the guard really refer to him as Master Roran?

We were locked inside a room for several hours. Rothus and Evander became restless. Garret smiled at me with his sweet smile and put a strong arm around my shoulders, and said this was a good time to go over what he had discovered about the one called Sindarin. I don't remember much about the two hours. Rothus fiddled with the lock on our door. Apparently he broke something too because he spend a good amount of time trying to dig it out. At some point Ma'ud appeared at the window, and lept inside. Alaric chased him around to put a silly disguise on him. He mentioned something about him looking too much like a magical creature. Of course he did, he WAS a Kitsune after all!

What intrigued me was the history book Garret shared with me. He explained the book was a history book of his people and that the knowledge was passed down through the generations. Apparently it was MANY generations because notes went back some 500+ years in his book. So did the named of the Seven Magi, known as “the protectors of the world”. They were listed in alphabetical order by name, the color of their gemstone blades they wielded and the powers of nature they protected. I got a really cold, queezy feeling in the pit of my stomach- like when someone drinks too much stout- and it occurred to me that I RECOGNIZED two of the names... Dalton: wielder of the Ruby sword, Roran: keeper of the Sapphire blade. I almost dropped the book when I saw a third name- Sindarin: master of the Onyx edge. My supposed elven father, a magus? No, something was off. My mother told me he was a druid. Why would she lie?

My stupor was broken by the rattle of keys in the door, followed by the crackle of arcane magic, as two men dressed as queens-guard entered the room. They were followed by a beautiful, middle aged woman who I assume cast a knock spell on the door when the keys curiously failed to unlock it. The woman introduced herself as Evangeline, a servant of the queen.

Evangeline apologized for detaining us. Apparently it was a mistake, but she would talk to the innkeeper, and as long as it took for Roran to recover under the expert care of the palaces healers, our meals and rooms would be covered. I swear I saw a twinkle in Rothus's eyes when he heard that we had just earned ourselves an all-expenses-paid vacation in downtown Tentia! Before I could object, Aerynthia and Garret are dragging me through town on a shopping spree. We were gone until dusk.

I was unable to sleep with so many questions about the Magi on my mind, so I borrowed Garret's book and went downstairs to the common room of the Inn, and started tracing Garret's ancestors notes back over 1,000 years. I also learned the names of the Seven Protectors of the World, maps of the lands the guarded, and the colors of their weapons that seem to be linked with the elements of magic:

Dalton: ruby (fire)
Farian: amethyst (time)
Galdira: pearl (light)
Kaylie: emerald (earth)
Nemien: citrine (wind)
Roran: sapphire (water)
Sindarin: onyx (shadow)

I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach again when I realized that Garett and I already tried fire magic, and it had failed. It must have been due to something that happened when Dalton was killed by the shadowy figure- someone who commanded shadow magic... I suddenly felt very ill...

Sindarin was known to wield shadow magic... it couldn't be.

About then Rothus came downstairs and sat by me. I asked him what he was doing up so late. He looked at me oddly and mentioned that it wasn't late, it was early. I looked out the window to see the sun peeking through the rooftops of shops down the street. Absentmindedly I tugged at a magical ring on my finger. Had I really been up all night? 


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