Lilith's Journal: The City of Tentia. Day 2.

Garret's family notes were just one piece in a crazy jigsaw puzzle of our history, and I had a burning desire to put everything together, if nothing to prove that my father was not the man in these books, and that Dalton was no traitor. I would only find that information in the biggest, and most complete library in the known world. Luckily for me, I was in the right place- The City of Tentia!

Aeryn, Garret and I set out for the library while everyone else went to check on Dalton at the castle.

The librarian was LATE, keeping us waiting for what seemed like hours. When the frail old man finally opened the door and let us in, I went to look at the history books. I found lots of info referencing the magus, but nothing specific. I checked the maps and texts, and it quickly became obvious that any and all of the archives with specific Magus history had been REMOVED!

When I talked to the librarian, he looked up the missing books and informed us that the Queen of Tentia had checked them out for the royal library. Those books were public record! What gave her the right to seize every book with anything useful on the Magi! I was outraged, and told the librarian so. He didn't even care! He made some lame excuse about what the queen requests, the queen gets! What makes HER so special?

Well I was not going to settle for this! I marched right up to the castle gates, and demanded to be allowed access to the royal library. The guards let us in, but only after Garret fibbed, and told them we were here to see Roran.

The guards wouldn't even let me near the library. They escorted us directly to Roran's sleeping chambers at the castle hospice. There we met Alaric, Rothus, and Evander. I tried to explain the terrible fate that had befallen the books, but they didn't even care!

One of the clerics was present. He seemed concerned about my agitated state. I tried to explain the importance of getting access to the library but he did not seem terribly moved. I told him that magic was in flux, and that fire magic no longer worked. He shook his head and told me I was being silly, and that nothing was wrong with magic. I tried to show him, by casting spark at him. I knew it wouldn't work, but the priest of Sarnrae clearly overacted and we were seized by the guards and ejected from the castle!

I was VERY put off by our treatment at the castle. When I was done with my research, I was going to send a strongly worded letter to the king about everything.

We reconvened at the Prancing Pony inn for lunch. Apparently to gain access to the castle again we have to make a formal request. I tried to explain to the guard that it had been a HUGE misunderstanding, and that the cleric was never in danger, as I knew fire magic would not work. I was only trying to cast it to show him that it would not work! Evander wrote a letter to the queen requesting an audience, while Garret and I pieced together what limited information we had on the history of the Magi.

Later that day, I hatched a plan to get into the castle and read the books the queen locked up in her personal library. Those books WOULD be returned to the public library!


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