Evander Smith

Evander1 Smith was born during the beginning of summer, and his life was like that of any child. He spent most of his time with his mother learning to walk, talk and read. When Evander was 2 his parents had another child, a girl and named her Xyrhana, she was born in the early spring.

As Evander got older his father started to teach him how to use the tools of his trade and when he was 5 he actually began to work with his father in the forge. When he wasn’t working, Evander would often go off and play with the other children in the village, Evander’s favorite sport being to see how high he could climb a tree. By the time Evander was 6 he was expected to bring along his sister and look after her when he went out to play. He grudgingly accepted it but he took his duty seriously.

Unfortunately Jimmy, Timmy, and Billy thought it was great fun to torment Xyrhana, which meant that Evander had to get involved. Since there were 3 of them and only 1 Evander, they figured that they could take him. They were half right, the eventually beat up Evander but he was tougher than they thought and his goal wasn’t to win, but to protect Xyrhana. Unfortunately, just getting into a fight was enough to get him into trouble with his parents, no matter how hard he tried to explain that he never started the fight. After that Evander tried to ignore them when he could, but when they went after his sister he had to protect her. It wasn’t that Evander had a temper, its just he couldn’t stand to see other kids pick on the weaker ones, especially his sister, so he fought back.

Until then Evander hadn’t thought about what he wanted to do when he got older, he had just assumed that he would work the forge like his father. Evander began to think that working the forge wasn’t what he wanted to do; instead he would join the militia. He wants to protect people from others like Jimmy, Timmy, and Billy. Eventually Jimmy, Timmy and Billy left Evander alone, because Evander was becoming stronger. He learned how to fight from his many encounters with the 3 bullies, he was becoming stronger from all of the time he helped his father, and his skin was going from pink to tan from all of his time out doors and working with the forge.

His parents were not happy with how Evander dealt with the bullies, however he was a good kid and did as he was told. At age 10 he finally decided to tell his father that he was going to join the militia, his father did not take this news well. Evander was forbidden from leaving the house to see his friends or to go play; the only time he could leave was to run errands, until he saw reason and decided to work as a Blacksmith. Evander began planning on running away from home now that he had no freedom to do as he liked. Though his sister had taken an interest in the family business and would spend some of her time watching her father and brother work.

At age 11, a few days after the summer Solstice, Evander ran away to join the militia, and was promptly returned to his house by the militia because he was to young, he has to be at least 13 years old to join with parents permission, or 15 years old without. After that Evander and his father struck a deal, Cruroar would not give his permission to have his son join the militia, so he would stick around until he was 15, then he could do as he wished and his sister would take over the business. By age 12 Evander was…

1. Evander (from Greek Εανδρος Euandros, "good man" or "strong man")