Lilith Graves

Once upon a time, a young girl lived deep in the woods. She lived in a cottage made of mud, and had an evil hag-witch for a mother. The young girl often ventured from her home to mingle with the fey and sprites. There she would dance naked in the moonlight with foxes and wolves. She cast black magic, and spoke with feral beasts, learning secrets no child of pure soul should ever discover.

On the rare occasion, when not committing all forms of sin, the young girl would visit a nearby human settlement, seducing righteous men with her under-aged body, and luring them away to her mother’s cottage with promises of riches and power. Once trapped in the woods, they would forevermore be slaves of the witch- doing her bidding and seeding her womb with their innocence so that she would birth more half-demon spawn like Lilith and unleash them upon the unsuspecting town.

Or so the townsfolk would have you think…

Part of the story is true. Lilith was a young girl that lived deep in the woods with her mother. And her mother was indeed at witch. Though capable of dark magic’s, Lilith’s mother Glenda was hardly an evil hag by any stretch of the imagination. Quite the opposite, really- Glenda was a very beautiful woman, and if anything she believed in preserving balance of nature and in return, nature would provide for her and her half-elven daughter. Though it is true that the fey and sprites were their friends, they were also their enemies. Aklo- or evil sylvan would occasionally threaten their peaceful existence. And though fox was their ally, Lilith never had inappropriate relations with one. In fact the fox was actually a small twin-tailed kitsune named Maud that Lilith kept as a pet. As for dancing with him, well, it was more like play, and she seldom played with him while undressed.

Lilith did often venture into town. While in the village, she would visit many of the vendors, paying cash for what she could afford, and haggling or negotiating for the rest. Though she could be a manipulator in her own right, Lilith was not much of a charmer. She left that job to her human friend Aerynthia, who was much more charming. Their intent was much less sinister then rumor would have you believe and much more of a quaint and innocent nature then devious. As for the rumors of Lilith using her half-demon body for nefarious purposes? Those tales are completely exaggerated. The only child Glenda ever gave birth to was Lilith. Lilith was of mixed blood, but that of a union between an elf and a human, not a demon.
As far as the rest goes… well you can’t always believe what you hear.

Lilith never met her father. Her mother Glenda never really talked much about him either. She figured her mother had reasons for not bringing him up. All Lilith knows is that he was an elf (obviously) and a druid named Sindarin, or so Glenda has led her to believe. Not that any of it matters much to Lilith. She was raised well by her mother and never held more than idle curiosity and a slight animosity toward him due to the mixed blood he left her with anyway. It was a disinterest her mother is grateful for.

Lilith lived a happy life under the forest canopy of the Dark Wood. The vale always brought with them new discoveries and new creatures to catalog catch or avoid. Within the deep forest, Lilith learned survival, herbalism, alchemy, and animal handling in her daily wanderings. She feared few creatures of the vale, and even befriended a few of the more dangerous creatures including a black dire wolf she named Teek.
Mother was usually very busy with household chores and crafting. Lilith was seldom ignored though her mother had to often keep her busy when she was holding a position as Keeper of the Chronicle within her coven. And since Lilith was not old enough to hold ceremony with the coven, mother would send her into the nearest town called Tarenvale for supplies and services when needed. Truth is that Glenda recognized her daughters need to socialize and it was a good place to do that. There were other towns too, like Denton, and Rynal, Karfal, and Newport, but they were much farther away, and in some cases, much more dangerous to visit. Even the walk to Tarenvale alone was about 3 hours through twisting game trails and rushing rivers. If Lilith set off in the morning, it was usually an all day affair.

The town of Tarenvale held a lot prejudices toward Lilith and Glenda, but Lilith did love to visit them just to see how “the humans” lived. There were many wonders in Tarenvale to see including stained glass churches, a general store that sold all sorts of knick-knacks, a blacksmith that always kept his forge hot, a tailor that created beautiful dresses for her, and also a skilled gem cutter who created many other shiny wonders to behold.

Tarenvale was also home of Lilith’s childhood friends. For that matter the only human contact she had with anyone except her mother. Evander Smith was the son of the blacksmith and also one of the few boys in town that did not pick on her. Though his father was less them pleased to have a “half-breed child of black magic” hanging around his shop, Mister Smith was always quick to take her coin when she needed something repaired or replaced. Lilith would spend hours in the summer sitting on the fence with her kitsune, Ma'ud and her other friend Aerynthia who was apprentice to the town healer, watching Euvander work the forge. Evander’s shirtless back flexing in the heat as he shaped steel and iron made her heart flutter. Every time Evander looked in their direction, the two girls would giggle and turn away with flushed cheeks, and shuddering breaths. Evander never seemed to notice Lilith as much as he did Aerynthia (she was always prettier then Lilith after all), but Lilith didn’t mind too much. Just having friends in a town that treated her more like a person than an outsider was all she cared about. Among those she called friends; Lilith was just one of the kids.

You see, in a small town, everyone knew everything about everyone- or thought they knew everything about everybody (even if it was wrong). To all but those that really tried to get to know her, Lilith was the strange kid. To most of the townfolk, it didn’t occur that she needed the town’s positive influence just like any other young girl. It was just easier to ignore her, or avoid her because she didn’t fit in. Things were further complicated by the fact that she was different. She was not only an outsider living far from the town, but she was also half-human. Worse yet- she did live with a witch- and was a witch. It was a fact that Lilith was not ashamed to admit with pride. Why should she? Her mother was a good person, and she was raised well. You see, she had always had the influence of Glenda, and Glenda taught her right from wrong. Most witches were hags and did terrible things to people. Those witches- the ones that caused suffering and pain and other terrible acts- those were the witches that were remembered- and feared.

Another matter was the rumors that elves had disappeared from the world a few centuries ago, and no one in Tarenvale had ever seen one until Lilith started to change when she reached adolescence. Not that any one of the short-lived humans had ever really known an elf in their lifetime or even why the elves disappeared in the first place. To see a child of half-elven blood was extraordinary, and to most, unfathomable. She couldn’t be an elf. They didn’t exist anymore. To them it was more believable to think that she was something- anything else but an elf. Sadly, most people were always too busy looking at those almond shaped eyes and faintly pointed ears to ever see the human girl that was also Lilith.

Worse yet, the village of Tarenvale was a superstitious town. People were afraid of things they did not understand, and Lilith and Glenda did many things the townsfolk did not understand. You see, the witches lived a very private life far from the village (and the villager’s distrustful gaze). Unfortunately, when people do not understand something, they then try to comprehend or rationalize what is really going on (usually incorrectly), and they can be stubborn once they get an idea in their heads. It was an ever uphill struggle trying to fit-in for Lilith. At first she tried to educate the village as to how things really were, but most wouldn’t listen and few cared. For a handful of townsfolk, dogma and irrational fear is the only think keeping them from burning Lilith at the stake. They feared Glenda’s wrath despite the countless times Glenda used her healing magic to save a townsfolk, help the crop grow, or create potions and anti-venoms the town needed. Perhaps it was just easier to label her daughter as an outcast to be feared then get to know just how sweet a girl she really was. After a while, Lilith just gave up. Why should she try and fit-in with a town that obviously didn’t want her blend with them in the first place?

No one in town noticed the bias toward Lilith more than Billy, Timmy, and Jimmy- three boys that had mischief on their mind and a convenient target to direct it at. And who better to harass then the one no one in town liked anyway? The three boys were merciless with Lilith too. They did every dirty, underhanded act they could think of. From calling her names and throwing sharp rocks and sticks at her, to ganging up on her and beating her up when no one was looking (of course there was always a witness when she retorted). Sometimes they would get caught stealing things from the local vendor and would blame the “weird girl” and drag her into trouble with them. One time the three boys were caught drunk after stealing a full keg of moonshine from Mister Grady and were able to convince him that Lilith had hexed them into doing it. And was the town ever quick to side with their own! Billy, Timmy, and Jimmy were members of the town. They were Tarenvale flock , not some half-breed witch from the woods that always wore black, and talked to dangerous wild animals she kept as pets. I guess the possibility that the village could be harboring three merciless, firebrand scalawags within their very own town never occurred to the people that labeled Lilith a freak.

Perhaps the most underhanded thing they did to poor Lilith and Aerynthia however was when Jimmy stole the girls clothing while the two girls enjoyed a cool dip in the local pond. The girls tried to give chase while Billy went to get Sister Daily from the church. Timmy proceeded to set the stolen clothing aflame in a nearby clearing. When the girls realized what was happening and ran to stomp out the fire, Sister Daily caught Aerynthia “dancing” naked with the witch child Lilith. By the time they were able to explain what really happened, the boys were long gone and everyone in town had either witnessed, or heard what Lilith had done to Aerynthia. Yes, poor confused Aerynthia, a girl that had lost her mother in a tragic fire and because of it was weak in spirit, a girl who was hexed by the witch, and forced to do her bidding. How dreadful it was that the weird girl took advantage of her like that!

Needless to say, it was many months before Aerynthia and Lilith recovered their pride, and because of the horrible prank the boys played, Lilith will never be fully trusted by Sister Daily again.

Lilith is now thirteen years old. She is a beautiful girl with curly auburn hair, and almond-shaped amber eyes. She usually wears earth-toned dresses of the finest silks and satins when she is in town (she absolutely loves the material and often creates her own clothing). When the weather is temperate or cold, she wears a thick woolen gray cloak clasped with a bronze-forged oak-leaf pin (the only thing of her father’s she has) Wrapped around her arms are cloth bracers, and leather arm wraps that tie just above her elbows. Often times she is seen with flowers or colorful leaves in her hair. Her footwear is usually simple sheepskin boots dyed to match whatever outfit she is wearing when she is in town, but she also has a pair of thick soled boots with a slight heal to them that she fond of wearing in the winter months.

Usually Lilith has a quiet demeanor, and keeps to herself when not among friends. She is also well known for her sarcastic attitude when around folks she doesn’t quite care for.

Never far behind her is a small, magical creature known by few as Ma`ud (Ma ood). Ma`ud is actually a race of mystical creatures of the forest known as a kitsune. Kitsune look very similar to large foxes except for having multiple tails and a more playful demeanor. Ma`ud is Lilith’s familiar and best friend. When she is not playing with him, Ma`ud is her teacher, showing her how to cast spells and storing them in his quick little brain for her to memorize. Ma`ud likes Lilith’s friends and communicates telepathically with her via their empathic link. Lilith is very protective of the small animal and does everything in her power to make sure Ma`ud is always safe and happy.

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